At garage

I made this short series two years ago in the the village where I have my office.

At bar du Nord

Ten years ago, I opened my office in a small village near Marseille called Ensuès la Redonne. Since this day I have my lunch each day in the same bar with my friend Eric. Unfortunately this bar will shut down at the end of the month. Arlette, Béatrice and Nathalie, during these ten years you were my second family.

Béatrice, Ensuès, 2017.

Béatrice, Ensuès, 2017.

Nathalie and Arlette, Ensuès, 2015.

Arlette, Ensuès, 2015.

Nathalie, Ensuès, 2015.




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Marseille 2017

Castellane, 2017.

A wedding in Hyderabad

Three years ago, my friend Vinod Babu invited me at a wedding. How to dress for a wedding when you travel with light luggage? Thanks to his nice mother, I hope I was presentable. (Don't worry, Lopamudra, you remain my best dresser in India.)After two hours on Vinod's bike in the the Hyderabad heat and dust, I was less presentable when I arrived at this wedding. But they were nice to me...I didn't show these pictures before, except to my friends from Hyderabad, Vinod, of course, Swarat Gosh and Satyanarayana Gola. It was the only time I shot a wedding in my life. So, something different for me.…