Ten years ago, I opened my office in a small village near Marseille called Ensuès la Redonne. Since this day I have my lunch each day in the same bar with my friend Eric. Unfortunately this bar will shut down at the end of the month. Arlette, Béatrice and Nathalie, during these ten years you were my second family.

Béatrice, Ensuès, 2017.

Béatrice, Ensuès, 2017.
Nathalie and Arlette, Ensuès, 2015.
Arlette, Ensuès, 2015.
Nathalie, Ensuès, 2015.
Bar du Nord

Now, we have to migrate for lunch. Fortunately, we will have the same team and the new place is probably better for shooting. Welcome to the bar des sports!

Nathalie and Marc, Ensuès, 2017.
Gilles, Ensuès, 2014.
Bar des sports
Ensuès, 2017.