Why I shoot in color since three years? Of course because we see in color and the life would be sad in black and white, even with some grey shades.

Few decades ago, photographers worked for newspapers and the press was printed in black and white. So the the truth was in black and white. As said Pinkhassov, now black and white is only a an instagram filter.

But when we work in black and white, we can not only create our vision by a personal post-production but we focus on the faces and their expressions. I like to shoot in color because it's more difficult, more stimulating, but I focus on the appearance, not on the essence. The clothes are often more important that the faces.

So, I hope you will like this series. Here, the main subject is the shirt.

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Marseille 2017

Gay pride, vieux-port, 2017.

Marseille, 2017.

Marseille, vieux-port, gay prides, 2017.